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Amelia & Khloe

I put together a little small shoot of Amelia and Khloe to get some photos of the bows. You can say that we got distracted and end up playing with Khloe instead. I forget sometimes photographing a toddler isn’t the easiest. They’re always on the move. I did manage to get a really good one of the two together, don’t you think? Oh well, better luck next time.



Amelia’s Rustic Garden First Birthday

Here it is! Amelia’s first birthday. I planned her birthday since the day she was born. My Pinterest board filled with ideas, colors, decors, and hope. It was exciting to finally put everything into action. As long as she allow me, I would love to plan her birthday every time. It was definitely exhausting since I did the photography and most of the details. After her birthday, I wasn’t feeling to well. I thought I had overwork and exhausted myself. Little did I know, we were expecting Henry. What a memorable moment in our life, and one for the books.

You can view more of her Birthday photos on Style Me Pretty.

Hendry’s Beach

I apologize for not updating in the past few weeks. It hasn’t been an easy month because I got very sick and we had a family member that passed away. It’s not how I pictured starting out my new year. I had a family session to do yesterday evening in beautiful Santa Barbara. My husband, Kyle, loves the beach. I always have him and Amelia come along, so they can enjoy the beach since we don’t go often. Amelia is very much like her father. She also loves nature and the beach.